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Global Maritime Recruitment

Giuseppe – Senior Mechanical Engineer

How did U-People help you in finding your next career step?

They found me and followed proposing several available positions. I was helped during all the selection process, from the first interview to the first day of work. They supported me with all kind of necessary information and help.

How did U-People help you in relocating to the Netherlands?

U-People helped me with everything, from the flights and accommodation for the first interview to a temporary lodging for the first weeks. Also they provided me several bureaucratic and practical information and fixed me the first appointment to register at the City hall.

How did your life develop since you started working through U-People?

Very fast. The time from the interviews to the work start was very short (upon my request) and my life totally changed in few weeks. Globally my habits changed and my lifestyle improved. It was not easy to relocate abroad with a family, but after a transition period we all are happy of the change.

What did U-People do good in your opinion?

U-People strictly followed me and helped me with all the necessary information I needed to know before such a big change.

Would you recommend U-People to other engineers?

I already did!

Giuseppe Raneri
Damen Shipyards Group Senior Mechanical Engineer