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Global Maritime Recruitment

Scheepsbouw en reparatie

From naval architects to ship builders, and surveyors to insurers, the starting point of a ship’s life involves many of the maritime industry’s greatest specialists. The journey from drawing board to launching can often be a long one, involving large capital outlay and many hours of labor.

But with hundreds of new ships ordered each year worldwide, this is an integral part of the shipping chain. New ships replace older ones sent to the ship breakers and keep world trade moving.

Since 2012, the European order book remains in a growing trend. 2016 has been the worst year so far for the global shipbuilding industry. The lack of demand for cargo vessels has put Asian shipbuilders in a very critical position. Only Europe could maintain orders mainly thanks to passenger ships and other non-cargo carrying vessels (ONCCV).

European companies are specialized in building the most complex high-tech vessels in the market of a high value: cruise ships, ferries, offshore, ONCCV and naval ships. Taking into consideration the civil and naval shipbuilding, the European order book has a higher value than its counterparts in China, South Korea and Japan.